Friday, 11 March 2011

Time to pretend.

remember that time there was earthquakes and typhoons in Japan and I won a free coffee at Tim Horton's? Fuck, that was sweet.
Nobody cares about Japanese people, there I said it. Why are we pretending to now? we've let the Japanese starve since the 1980s, knowing full well that they needed someone's help and that all they had to eat was shitty rice and shitty fucking noodles in filthy water. Suddenly the ground shakes a little and we're like "oh goodness, a billion kids are stuck in schools. they might die!" good thing there's a hundred and seventy five billion other ones just walking around dirty, shitty shanty-towns doing noting but starving and complaining in a language that I don't understand all day. Maybe now there will be room for them to have a shot at being in a classroom for a while. If there's one thing that Japan needs, it's population control. There's more people in that country than there are ants for fuck sakes.
I have an idea, why don't we move them all to Canada? That seems to be our character in this puppet show called civilization. Country swarming with rebel factions? come to Canada and join the police force. Country only employs people in the illegal drug industry? come to Canada and be a pharmacist. Just geting bored of being a neurosurgeon or a nuclear physicist? come to Canada and try being a convenience store clerk for a while instead. Tsunamis and earth quakes killing thousands by the minute? might as well come to Canada. That's all I'm saying.
at any rate, I think everyone just needs to shut the fuck up and stop trying to look like a compassionate person, because I don't think you actually care at all. Turn off the news and go for a walk or something. I didn't see any of you say a word about Christchruch New Zealand on February 22 (seventeen days ago) where 300+ people died in a vicious earthquake.
I'm going to go cash in my free coffee and then litter instead of throwing the cup in the trash can like you all do every day. Funny how it's only a tradgedy when it's the planet that destroying the planet and not the Human parasites slowly consuming it like mould on a piece of rye bread.
Ignorance is bliss, kids, and I have a charming smile.

This is what New Zeland looked like 17 days ago while you were not giving a fuck.


  1. You suck you unfeeling prick.
    Also, I love you.

  2. Fuck yeah Tim Hortons!The roll of the rim is supposed to be 1-6, im like 0-20. Liars!

  3. I just want my anime to be OK